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JUNE 3, 2003

Now the elections are over

The future of the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps rested largely on the Belgian national elections as the government was unable to alter the laws which had been voted through, including the anti-tobacco legislation which led to the race being cancelled. The elections resulted in the Green parties, the prime movers in the anti-tobacco legislation, being routed and the new government is now looking to overturn the laws which have caused the cancellation of Spa. This will not happen in time to save this year's race but it is anticipated that the track will be back on the calendar next year if a deal can be struck. The F1 authorities say that this can happen but there is still pressure to get an F1 date as there are currently 16 races and next year contracts are in place for two new events in Bahrain and in China. The F1 teams say that they will not do more than 17 races, as they are bound to do by the Concorde Agreement.

Serge Kubla, the regional economy minister, is to travel to London this week to see F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone