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JUNE 3, 2003

Cosworth and the Indy Racing League

There are stories doing the rounds in the United States that Cosworth Racing might somehow become involved with building Chevrolet IRL engines. The current engines have been outclassed this year by the Honda and Toyota engines and it seems that General Motors is looking for ways to become more competitive. There have been rumors of these engines coming from England but the idea that Cosworth, a Ford subsidiary, would work with rival General Motors is not very likely. It may be that the rumors come from crossed wires. We have heard that General Motors may indeed be looking for a new engine or a way of developing the existing unit but it is Menard Cheever Technologies (formerly TWR Engines) which is likely to be the company involved. The firm previously built Infiniti engines in IRL and although many of the staff have moved to a new engine unit at Renault Sport in Enstone, the company still has the knowledge and expertise needed to do the job.