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MAY 31, 2003

Button OK

Initial reports from medical personnel indicate that Jenson Button has suffered no serious injury as a result of his high-speed crash. The accident started at around 190mph when Button lost control and the BAR-Honda went into the barrier on the left hand side of the road. It then went across the chicane and into the tire barrier in the middle of the road, exactly the place where Karl Wendlinger crashed in 1994. The impact was very similar but with safety advances since then the result was less damaging and while Wendlinger was unconscious when rescuers got to his car, Button was moving about and was able to talk to marshals and doctors who were quickly on the scene. Button was taken out of the car and taken to Princess Grace Hospital Center for some checks, but team boss David Richards reported that Button has no injuries although he may be very stiff given the high lateral G forces in the crash.