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MAY 30, 2003

Maximum exposure

FIA President Max Mosley will jet into Monaco tonight and it is expected that there will be some fireworks in the days ahead as it is clear that the automobile manufacturers which are plotting to start a rival series to Formula 1 are not going to respect a deal that was hammered out with Mosley over traction-control just a few weeks ago. Since the announcement that they would all be willing to support cheap engine deals for small teams, the manufacturers have one by one walked away from that commitment, saying that such an idea would be unprofitable or impractical or that it is too early for them to be able to help. There are two small teams in F1 both of which are struggling to a lesser or greater extent and there is no sign of any help given that the teams have also been unable to agree on a package to help fund the little teams and that one of the big teams seems to have "helped out" Minardi by doing a deal with a Minardi sponsor, thus depriving the team of money.

On Thursday in Monaco Mosley put out a statement highlighting the way in which automobile manufacturers have gone in and out of the sport over the years and said "the car industry is a welcome and valuable participant in Formula 1. But Grand Prix racing is not the industry's core business and no car company can be expected to maintain a constant presence. Company chiefs change and what today is fixed policy can tomorrow be seen as a mistake of the previous administration. The industry is entitled to come and go as it pleases and will always do so.

"Those who think that Formula 1 has no need for independent teams and can rely entirely on the big car companies should perhaps consider the following chronology."

This gave details of the way in which the major car companies have come and gone in Grand Prix racing.