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MAY 21, 2003

Scalabroni's Formula 3000 team in trouble?

Former F1 engineer Enrique Scalabroni set up a Formula 3000 team after the closure of his Asiatech project last year but there are reports that the team - known as BCN - may not be able to get to the end of the season.

"Our team has serious problems, and we are examining whether to continue competing this year, or to stop for a time," Scalabroni has been quoted as saying.

BCN was previously competing in the Nissan World Series but moved to Formula 3000 this year by buying the assets of Nordic Racing. The team has run Australia's Rob Nguyen on a race by race contract, while the second car has been run for Valerio Scassellati and Alex Piccolo.

Several Formula 3000 teams are struggling this year. Brand Motorsport has already pulled out of the series and in Austria Team Astromega dropped down to just one car. If BCN disappears from the scene the grid will drop to 15 cars.