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MAY 19, 2003

Cosworth considers its engine supply position

Cosworth Racing is not sure it will continue to be a customer engine supplier in Formula 1 in the future, particularly if the other automobile manufacturers insist that engines must be supplied to customer teams for $10m.

"It is unrealistic to imagine that a competitive F1 engine package can be provided for $10m," said a senior Cosworth executive. "The only way that could be achieved is by a subsidy from a manufacturer. At the moment it is difficult to see how a commercially viable deal can be achieved."

Cosworth is the latest organization to come out against the idea, following in the footsteps of Honda, BMW and others.

"We cannot get the cost to the figure that is on the table," said BMW's Dr. Mario Theissen. "This would be below our own cost and I think that we are not prepared to do that. We certainly can produce some 50 engines for that amount of money but it would not help the independent teams because what they need is competitive engines."

The only manufacturer which has publicly said that a $10m engine deal is possible is Mercedes-Benz but in Austria Norbert Haug was sounding less certain on the subject than he has sounded in the past.

"We made the offer," he said, "and we will see what is going to happen. We need to develop possibilities and are in discussions. Nothing is fixed. Everything is open."