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MAY 6, 2003

Engine supplies in F1

BMW's Dr. Mario Theissen says that despite all the talk of manufacturers supplying cheap engine deals for privateer F1 teams, BMW will not be in a position to do so in 2004. Theissen said that such a change would require "quite a restructuring, increasing our staff levels and improving our resources". The biggest issue however is the price which Theissen says is too low and he believes that "it is virtually impossible that all engine manufacturers will reach a consensus over such a proposal, each company having different goals, budgets and internal structures."

Elsewhere in the paddock Honda is also believed not to be in a position to offer customer engines.

The announcement from the FIA last week about the retention of traction-control was conditional on the manufacturers agreeing to supply such engines.

A statement from the FIA said that it had agreed "on the clear understanding that this would enable the engine manufacturers to supply the independent teams with engines at a fully affordable cost having regard to the current business climate. The FIA agreed that, provided engines are supplied on this basis, these arrangements will remain in place indefinitely."