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MAY 5, 2003

The glitter of Formula 1

Formula 1 likes to have a glamorous image and so the annual visit to Monte Carlo is for many the high point of the racing season and this year's event will be enhanced somewhat by the fact that the Steinmetz diamond company is to use the sport as the backdrop for the launch a spectacular new collection of diamonds.

In association with the Diamond Trading Company, Steinmetz will be unveiling a dramatic new diamond called "The Jewel in the Crown" which be on display in Monte Carlo. The price of this gem is not known but we hear that insurance premiums are enough to frighten even multi-millionaires.

The link with F1 is through a deal involving Jaguar Racing and Bernie Ecclestone's Formula 1 Magazine and the Steinmetz campaign slogan will be "flawless engineering", a phrase which links the precision of the diamond-cutting trade with the high technology world of Grand Prix racing.