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Mike Doodson (second from right), is to mark his 500th GP in Austria.

Mike Doodson (second from right), is to mark his 500th GP in Austria. 


Top Grand Prix drivers have careers which span something around 150 to 200 Grands Prix. This takes them around 10-12 years to achieve as there are between 16-17 races a year. Up in the Press Office the numbers are rather more daunting as Toyota had discovered when it came up with the unusual idea of asking journalists how many races they have attended as reporters. The idea came about because in Austria, British veteran Mike Doodson reaches the startling total of 500 Grands Prix.

But Doodson is actually only one of seven reporters who have attended more than 500 events, although several of these men are in semi-retirement today. The leader of the pack (as ever) is France's Jabby Crombac with a total of 570 races.

According to the list complied by Toyota there are 25 others who have completed more than 300 races. Toyota is planning to hold a dinner at Monaco for those who have reached the 300 mark.

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