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MAY 2, 2003

FIA confirms rule changes

As we exclusively reported yesterday, the FIA has announced plans which were decided at the meeting of team managers in London on April 29. The decisions were made unanimously. The teams have agreed to a complete ban on automatic gearboxes and launch-control for 2004 but will retain traction control. This is because the teams felt that banning traction-control would add to the costs involved. This was done on the understanding that the engine manufacturers will agree to supply the independent teams with engine at "a fully affordable cost having regard to the current business climate". If these arrangements are respected the FIA will allow traction-control indefinitely.

As expected car-to-pit telemetry is also being retained.

The teams have agreed to use one engine per race weekend, beginning on the Friday and that the use of a replacement engine would mean that cars would lose 10 places on the grid.

The FIA also confirmed that teams will have only two rear wings to choose from in 2004 and 2005. There will be tests to see if a standard rear wing should be introduced in 2006.

The two tire companies will be invited to make extreme weather tires available at all races, but in 2004 the FIA will ensure that a single wet weather tire is clearly defined in the regulations.

The Technical Working Group will look into both standard brake materials and standard skid block materials.