Bahrain comes to Spain

Bahrain Circuit

Bahrain Circuit 


A delegation from the Bahrain Grand Prix was present in Barcelona to see how Formula 1 operates and the information gathered will be put into operation at the track under construction at Sakhir. The circuit authorities are hoping to have the track operating 365 days a year with the major hope being that automobile manufacturers and teams will use the facility for warm weather testing. The circuit will feature six different layouts and a Motor Sports Academy, which is being set up by the Bahrain Motor Federation. The track will have 70,000 grandstand seats and will feature two distinct sections, one in the "oasis" area around the pits and the back of the track on the more desert-like conditions.

"The circuit will act as a catalyst for more tourist development in this part of the country," said Shaikh Fawaz bin Mohammed al Khalifa, the chairman of the circuit. "Bahrain University is situated behind the circuit and will be an excellent source of many of the volunteers required for hosting major international events like Formula 1."

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