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MAY 1, 2003

Traction-control to stay

The Formula 1 team bosses and Max Mosley met on Tuesday in London to discuss the technical regulations and it was agreed that while Launch control will be banned from the start of next year, traction-control will stay. The logic behind this is that to ban the systems would add to costs as teams would try to develop similar systems by other means. We understand that the deal involves the engine manufacturers agreeing to supply electronic systems with their engines for $10m to the smaller teams.

Other discussions included engines for 2004 with the teams apparently agreeing to one engine per weekend. If the engine has to be changed the car will be dropped 10 places on the grid. There were discussions about standard skid block and brake materials, monsoon tires and the possibility of having only two rear wing profiles allowed. It is yet to be seen how much of this will be signed off by the team bosses this weekend but we understand that the traction-control deal is confirmed already.

It is also said that car-to-pit telemetry will be allowed.