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MAY 1, 2003

In theory...

Someone somewhere has been winding up the more innocent members of the Formula 1 press corps with suggestions that the first three races of the year could - in theory - be annulled if Williams and McLaren win their arbitration case against the FIA. This is a ridiculous story in that the result of the arbitration will not be known for at least 18 months and in consequence the results of the races held will be ancient history by the time any such decision is made. In theory teams could challenge the World Championship results but that would take years of further legal action and they would be persuaded very quickly that to do such a thing would be detrimental to the sport - and irrelevant as no-one really cares whether the World Championship is re-awarded two years after the event.

However such a story will add a little irritation to the lives of Williams and McLaren in the next few days, which is presumably the reason the story has been floated.