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APRIL 23, 2003

Mansell scuffles with intruders

A bunch of young men who may have drunk too much stumbled into Nigel Mansell's garden at his Jersey home in St Brelade's Bay on Friday. They told the police later that they had been cut off by the tide and were trying to go home. According to reports they "broke through" security fencing on the Mansell estate and were then challenged by the 1992 World Champion. Apparently push came to shove and blows were exchanged although the details are not entirely clear. While this was happening the police were called and five men were arrested. Three others are still being sought. Mansell suffered a few cuts and bruises but declined medical assistance offered by the police. According to the police no weapons were used.

Mansell and his family have lived in the Channel Islands since 1997 after leaving the Isle of Man, another tax haven. They bought the current house for $9m in 1999 and installed a considerable amount of security around the property. Jersey is a well-known tax haven. It has a population of 86,000 and assets of $400bn. There is no VAT, only small amounts of duty and the average rate of income tax is less than 10%. It is however extremely difficult (unless you are very wealthy) to become a Jersey resident. Other famous residents include Derek Warwick, golfer Ian Woosnam and Jack Higgins, the author of The Eagle Has Landed.