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Eddie Jordan

Eddie Jordan 

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"I am very grateful to the FIA for examining the results in such detail and acknowledging that the victory is Giancarlo's," Jordan said. "It was a hazardous race and he demonstrated great talent and maturity, as did all the drivers. It was appropriate at the time, that concern and attention at the end of the race were focused on the serious accidents involving Mark Webber and Fernando Alonso, and I am relieved that both escaped injury.

"Obviously it's a shame that the results weren't accurately reported immediately as it would have been better if Giancarlo had been able to celebrate his first win in the normal fashion on the top step of the podium, but I hope that opportunity will come again soon.

"It is terrific news for us to record our fourth Grand Prix victory and it proves that we are still able to challenge the top teams. That's very satisfying for an independent team in today's environment."

Fisichella is also delighted to have finally won a race.

"It was very difficult for me with the confusion after the race," he said. "I'm still disappointed that I didn't have my moment at the top of the podium, but I am pleased that it is clear now that I have won my first Grand Prix!" It's a few years since an Italian driver won a Grand Prix so it's going to be even better this time at Imola. I'm proud to be starting my home Grand Prix as a race winner!"

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