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APRIL 4, 2003

Honda to have a new spec engine in Imola

Honda is to bring a new specification engine for British American Racing at the forthcoming San Marino Grand Prix. The company hopes that the latest version of the company's V10 will be more powerful and more reliable than the engines which have been used in the first three races. Honda did try some new spec engines in Australia but suffered a series of failures during practice and a decision was then taken to go back to a more reliable spec.

Honda's engines are however much closer to the pace than they were last year although the company is now looking to see how the new Ferrari and new McLaren engines will go when the new cars are raced for the first time. The new Ferrari is due to appear in Imola and the new McLaren in Barcelona. There have been rumors from Germany that the latest Mercedes engine will rev to 19,700 rpm and will produce as much as 930 horsepower, although no-one is talking on the record about power figures.