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APRIL 1, 2003

Irvine makes some more money

Eddie Irvine has successfully appealed the decision of a High Court judge to award him just $3000 damages in a case which he won but which left him with a legal bill of an estimated $435,000.

Irvine sued the TalkSport radio station over its use of a doctored photograph of him on the front of an advertising brochure. This gave the impression he was endorsing the station. The judge ruled that $3000 was "a reasonable endorsement fee" but ruled that Irvine would have to pay the legal costs because he had rejected an out-of-court settlement offer of $5000 from Talksport.

As a result he was ordered to pay his legal costs and those of Talksport. Irvine appealed the decision and three appeal court judges have now agreed that the award was too low. Irvine will now be awarded $37,000 and will not have to pay the original legal costs.