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MARCH 24, 2003

A change at Williams

There have been rumours for some weeks of a change in the technical structure at Williams with the power in the aerodynnamic department now shifting to Dr. Antonia Terzi, the ex-Ferrari engineer who joined the team last year. She now takes over full control of the aerodynamics department and will work closely with Gavin Fisher on the design of the development of the current car and the design of the new car for next year.

The team is in the process of producing new parts which will appear in time for Brazil which the team hopes will improve performance. These are believed to have come from Terzi's research. The latest word on Nick Allcock and Jason Somerville is that both are moving on, although we hear that Somerville is currently on permanent leave.

The whisper is the paddock in Sepang is that the team is on the look out for a top level engineer to come in beneath Patrick Head to run the technical side of the team, with Head acting as his guide.