Wilson PLC nets $750,000 so far

Justin Wilson plc has so far raised $750,000 from its initial public offering on the London Stock Exchange. This means that the 24-year-old from Sheffield is well on his way to reaching the $2m he is looking for to secure his Minardi drive this year. The deal offers shareholders the chance to double their money and then share 10% of Wilson's income until the year 2012.

Wiilson's manager is former F1 driver Dr. Jonathan Palmer and he reckons that the share issue is going to be a huge success despite the fact that the minimum investment is $750.

"I think it will be oversubscribed," Palmer said in Malaysia. "And I believe that even the share certificates are going to be worth more than $750 one day. They will be collectors' items!"

Further details about the scheme can be found on www.investinwilson.com.

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