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MARCH 21, 2003

F1 eyes Iraq

The Formula 1 circus was looking closely at the developing situation in Iraq on Thursday and Friday but the attitude in the paddock is that the event should go ahead.

"There has been war in my country for 30-40 years," said Juan Pablo Montoya. "When I race and do well I give them a lot smiles."

"I think that people are aware that something bad is going on," said Rubens Barrichello. "We all wish it wasn't happening but we have to get on with life and keep on doing the things that we love to do the most. If we can attract some people to come to the track to watch the race and take their minds off the war we are doing some good."

FIA President Max Mosley underlined that the sport will not be affected by the fighting.

"Formula 1 is a genuinely international sport welcomed by a wide range of cultures across the world," Mosley said. "Our sport has nothing whatever to do with the conflict in Iraq and the FIA fully supports the local organisers of the Malaysian Grand Prix in running this event in the usual way."