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MARCH 6, 2003

Jordan says he could sell but there are conditions

Eddie Jordan has always denied any interest in selling his Formula 1 team but now he is saying that he would do if if necessary - so long as he still had an involvement. Jordan came closxe to doing a deal to sell the team to Honda about five years ago but the deal fell out of bed because Jordan wanted to stay involved. There were similar issues in recent months during talks with Red Bull.

"The most important thing to me is trying to win races again," Jordan told The Sun newspaper. "If that can only be achieved by me losing ownership of the team, it would not be an issue. I always look at what is best for the team. If someone else took it over - and these days it does appear you need to be part of a car manufacturing group to win - I would still like an involvement. I would want to be like a football manager and have a contract for a couple of years, so I could help steer the team to the very top. If I didn't perform, they could boot me out."

Jordan said that the team consists of the "artful dodgers of the pitlane" and sais that we are "the greatest survivors of of all-time."