Max Mosley calls off Melbourne trip

The FIA President Max Mosley called off his planned trip to Australia because of a screw-up with airline tickets which meant that Mosley was unable to catch the plane on which he was intending to travel. this disrupted the plan to have a press conference to explain the new rules and regulations on Thursday, before the racing action began and, not wishing to let the issues get in the way of the sport, Mosley decided not to make the trip.

Odd though it may be the FIA President's logic was similar to statements made in Australia by McLaren boss Ron Dennis, who argued that there has been enough politics in recent months. It is now time to go racing.

Mosley's decision not to make the trip to Australia sparked off some rather silly rumours about why he was not making the trip including the absurd suggestion that it was related to a writ from someone claiming to be a Formula 1 journalist who has been trying to force the federation to give him media accreditation.

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