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MARCH 4, 2003

Some interesting possibilities

There has been much speculation about how the new qualifying rules will affect the starting grid in 2003. The biggest variable will be how much fuel a team decides to run in qualifying and start the race with, as the teams will not be allowed to add fuel between qualifying and the start of the race.

Williams' Patrick Head thinks we might see some of the smaller teams on pole if they decide to run very light in qualifying to gain some exposure for their sponsors.

"I can see some of the less financially secure teams taking a gamble and running light in qualifying just to get their cars some publicity by starting at the front of the grid," Head recently told the press.

"Theoretically, I suppose if Minardi's deficit to Ferrari in qualifying last year was three seconds and that 10 kg of fuel is worth 0.25-0.40sec a lap, if they elected to run with 20kg of fuel when Michael had, say, 80kg in the Ferrari, it could be close..."