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FEBRUARY 25, 2003

Belgians meet with Ecclestone and Mosley

Serge Kubla, the deputy head of the Wallonia regional government, was in London on Monday to discuss what can be done to save the Belgian Grand Prix with Max Mosley and Bernie Ecclestone. The race was dumped from the F1 calendar in October after the Belgian national government voted to outlaw tobacco sponsorship in August this year, three years ahead of a worldwide ban being promoted by the FIA.

The organisation of a Grand Prix in 2003 has not been totally ruled out," Kubla said, "but the hopes are very slim."

The racing authorities have made it clear that if Belgium wants to have a race it must alter its legislation and although both Mosley and Ecclestone would like to see Spa stay on the F1 calendar it will take a reversal of anti-tobacco advertising

legislation to achieve that. And Belgian politicians do not like being pushed around.