Ferrari honours Agnelli

Ferrari F2003-GA

Ferrari F2003-GA 


Ferrari has honored the memory of Gianni Agnelli by naming its new car the F2003-GA which was revealed today in Italy. The car is a derivation of last year's hugely-successful F2002 with much attention having been given to aerodynamic efficiency and to lowering the car's center of gravity. This has meant a complete redesign of the car. The biggest change is the engine which is completely new with new materials being incorporated into the engine and transmission to bring down weight. The gearbox too is completely new and was built from cast titanium.

The new V10 (codenamed 052) is based on the concept laid down with last year's 051 but with improved performance and usability and the design has been done with the chassis in mind so that the car as a whole is better integrated than previous machines. The new engine can only be fitted in the new car. The team is not willing to give any details of horsepower figures but it is anticipated that this will be not far short of the power developed by the BMW last year.

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