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JANUARY 15, 2003

Meanwhile in Montreal...

Craig Pollock might have chosen a better day to launch his new CART Champ Car team but the former BAR boss is hoping that he will get some coverage despite the fact that there is a revolution taking place in Formula 1. Pollock announced this afternoon that he has set up a new team called PK Racing with businessman Kevin Kalkhoven.

The new team will enter one car in this season`s Champ Car World Series, although Pollock is yet to name a driver.

"This has all come together very quickly," said Pollock. "Just prior to Christmas, I got a call from Kevin about looking into the possibility of starting up a team. It's a short period of time to put the whole thing together. The fact that all Champ Car teams will be running with the same engine this season will make the start-up a bit easier for us because it's a level playing field for everyone.

"We're going to tap into the knowledge bank of what went right with the BAR start-up experience and use that as a type of blueprint for PK Racing, making sure that we don't make the same mistakes that slowed the development of BAR."