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JANUARY 15, 2003

FLASH: The FIA's cost revolution

The FIA called the F1 team principals together on Wednesday in London and informed them that it intends to rigorously apply its existing rules from the start of the coming season to cut costs dramatically. The measures announced for 2003 include the banning of third cars, the sealing of cars in parc ferme between the end of qualifying and the race, the elimination of pit to car telemetry, car to pit telemetry, all radio communication between the team and the drivers and all traction-control, launch-control and fully automatic gearboxes (although this may be delayed because of practical issues). The FIA has also said that it will allow the use of common components.

For 2004 the FIA says it will introduce sporting regulations to introduce standard braking systems, a standard rear wing, long-life components and will require car manufacturers involved in F1 to supply engines to all competing teams and in 2005 will insist that engines be used for two races and will introduce penalties for component changes. For 2006 the FIA says it will require the same engine to be used for six races and will seek the agreement of the teams to introduce new technical regulations to eliminate the use of expensive exotic materials in any part of the car, including the engine.

More details will follow shortly.