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DECEMBER 28, 2002

A commercial two-seater F1 car

McLaren and Minardi have both used two-seater Formula 1 cars in the past to titillate sponsors, reward prize-winners and excite journalists but soon members of the public will be able to pay to have a ride in a two-seater F1. AGS, which was once a Formula 1 team itself, has been quietly running a Formula 1 racing school for several years at the 1.5-mile Circuit du Var, at Le Luc in Provence.

The AGS school has a fleet of 10 Formula 1 cars, powered by Cosworth DFV engines, plus Formula Opel Lotus and Formula 3 cars to help customers learn the ropes before getting into the F1s. The courses, which cost $1500 give people the chance to sample the thrill of F1. In recent times the AGS school has expanded to include Le Mans prototypes and four Ferrari Modena racers and is now about to produce its own two-seater F1 car, which it has dubbed the AGS X2.

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