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DECEMBER 18, 2002

Yoong goes for Chinese money

Alex Yoong is Malaysian by nationality but he comes from Chinese antecedents and after the recent Minardi two-seater display in Beijing Yoong told Chinese reporters that he would be the perfect vehicle for Chinese companies wanting to promote their goods in the West.

"Chinese companies offering products and services to the world can increase their brand image and awareness by participating at the highest levels of motorsport," Yoong said. Yoong, who is hoping to land a drive in CART in 2003, also said that he is the perfect symbol for Chinese companies - even within China.

"I am able to offer the link between the young Chinese consumers and their dreams in life. I have shown that it is possible for any Chinese youth to realise his dream of becoming a Formula 1 driver or, for that matter, to realise any dream."