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DECEMBER 15, 2002

Briatore aims for Renault success in 2006

Flavio Briatore told the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera on Saturday that he hopes that Renault will be in a position to win the World Championship in 2006. Between now and then, Briatore said, the team should be building up its position and scoring regular top three finishes.

Renault has made it clear that the team is in F1 for the long term but earlier this year Renault Sport boss Patrick Faure did say that "a lasting presence also means lasting results. We wouldn't dream of taking part without winning."

The Formula 1 programme is currently supported by Renault's top boss Louis Schweitzer but he is retiring in 2005 and it is anticipated that he will be replaced by Carlos Ghosn, the current head of Nissan. Ghosn recognises the value of Formula 1 to help a company build up its image but also recognises the importance of success.

Briatore said that once he had been successful in Formula 1 he would switch his attention to Italian soccer.