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DECEMBER 14, 2002

Minardi drivers

Christjian Albers did sign a contract with Minardi a couple of weeks ago but we understand that nothing has yet been announced because the promised sponsorship money which Albers was going to supply to the team has not yet turned up and so Albers is having to wait in the hope that his promised money will materialise from his sponsors. Until that happens the contract remains suspended.

Minardi is however believed to be close to an announcement of one of its drivers for 2002. Paul Stoddart is playing his hand very close to his chest at the moment while the Dutch are still getting very excited about Jos Verstappen's hopes. There are still a lot of British fans hoping that can be found for Justin Wilson while in America there continue to be hopes for Bryan Herta and Townsend Bell.

And Albers is still in the picture as well...