Cuts for Formula One Television

There have been a variety of rumours floating around for the last couple of days about a major cutback of the staff involved in the Formula One Television company. The number of redundancies involved is not entirely certain with figures we have heard ranging from 75 to 250. There are believed to be around 350 people in total employed at Biggin Hill. The effect of these cuts is yet to be seen but could mean that the banks, which control the Formula One group, have decided that there is no longer any need to send the mobile TV facility known as Bakersville to the races in 2003. If this turns out to be the case the hoped-for improvement in TV coverage is not going to happen as much of the technology involved was supplied by the Formula One group.

The Formula One group will continue to supply timing, race control functions and, it is believed, some of the in-car technology.

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