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DECEMBER 11, 2002

Pollock kicks off 2004 driver market

It is no secret that Jacques Villeneuve is not expecting to stay at British American Racing beyond the end of 2003 and Villeneuve's manager Craig Pollock has already begun a campaign to keep Jacques's name in the frame in 2004.

"Jacques belongs in one of the top four teams," Pollock told a news conference at a ski event in Canada. "What I'd like to see is Schumacher and Villeneuve together - not for Jacques or for Schumacher but for the sport."

Such a move would no doubt also please F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone but it is hard to imagine that Ferrari would be interested in such an arrangement as it might disrupt the team if Villeneuve proved himself to be in the same class as Michael.

It would probably be unkind to mention that Pollock's opinion is rather different to previous years when he argued that Jacques would lead British American Racing to success.

At the time, of course, Pollock was boss of BAR...