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DECEMBER 10, 2002

Friday testing to be confirmed

It is expected that half the Formula 1 teams will be allowed to test for two hours each Friday during a Grand Prix weekend this year, having signed up for the sessions.

This will mean that the teams will commit to only testing for 10 days between the start of the season in March and the ned of the season in October. In exchange for this they will be allowed to run for two hours On Friday morning at each Grand Prix while those who test all the time will have to sit back and watch.

It is believed that most of the smaller teams have agreed to the ban and have been joined by Jaguar Racing and Renault. This means that only the three big teams and Toyota will test as they have in recent years while the rest of the field will get the advantage of dialling their cars into the circuit at each Grand Prix.

The news is expected to be confirmed at the FIA World Motor Sport Council meeting on December 13.