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NOVEMBER 16, 2002

Arrows puts in an entry

The Arrows Formula 1 team says it has applied for an entry for next year's Formula 1 World Championship. It remains to be seen whether the entry will be accepted by the FIA. The news that Arrows has gone ahead with the entry will not please the team's creditors as the entry costs around $250,000 and some would argue that the money would be better spent paying off the team's debts.

Nominating drivers is easy enough but it is going to be a little more difficult for the team to give details of engines as at the present time there is no known deal in place. The obvious source of engines is Cosworth but as Arrows owes the companies millions of dollars a new deal is not going to happen unless the engines are paid for in cash (and probably in advance). The other option would be Ferrari although this would be a great deal more expensive and the Italians would want even more guarantees. There is a possibility that Arrows might try some halfway house such as buying old Asiatech stock (if any is left) or trying to use the old Arrows engines from five years ago but this is hardly a competitive option.

The team has no major sponsorship following the withdrawal of Orange. It has few technical staff and a number of outstanding legal actions. On top of all this there is considerable doubt that the team has a right to an entry for 2003.

Apart from that everything is fine...