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NOVEMBER 15, 2002

Minardi sign Zlobin as test driver

Minardi has announced that they have signed Russian Sergei Zlobin as an official test driver in 2003. The 26 year old tested for the team in September, and is scheduled to test again for the team in late November, when the testing ban ends.

"We will work closely with Sergei so one day he could drive a Formula 1 car for us," Giancarlo Minardi told the press at a Moscow news conference. "I can be more specific about his future in Formula 1 racing after we have a few tests in Valencia later this month."

Minardi is wooing Russian energy company Gazprom to continue their sponsorship with the team. Gazprom, the worlds largest gas company, signed with the team last year but has not yet committed to helping the team in the future.