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NOVEMBER 5, 2002

The future of Arrows

The website is reporting that a solution has been found for the future of the Arrows team and that the staff will soon be paid. The information apparently comes from Arrows staff who have been using the discussion boards of the fan website to keep in contact with one another.

It is said that a deal was signed last Thursday with a group calling itself the "European Consortium" but beyond that it is all speculation as to who might be involved. While this may sound like good news it is hard to see if there is any real foundation to the stories. There are still two key law suits outstanding which would need to be solved in order for the team to be sold. The only way around the problem would be if Deutsche Bank, which owns a big chunk of the team, decides to invest even more money to try to dig the team out of trouble. This could have been done months ago and was not and it is hard to see why that attitude would change, particularly as the issue of the team missing races has now created further hurdles because of breaches of the Concorde Agreement.

On top of this there are all the practical problems including what engines the team could use and who will build the chassis.