The question of overtaking

One of the things which was discussed at the F1 Commission on Monday was the need to create more overtaking in Formula 1 - although many believe that overtaking is not as important issue as some would make out. The decision was that the FIA needs to look at how best to improve the situation.

"We need to look not only at the chassis but also at circuit configuration to increase the ease with which cars can overtake," said FIA President Max Mosley.

Changing tracks is a good solution where it is possible but there are many tracks, notably Monaco, where it is simply impossible to create different track configurations and in a lot of cases changes require considerable money and the promoters (the people who have to pay for the changes) argue that Formula 1 is already taking most of their income and that they do not have the money to invest in such developments.

The teams will meet again at the beginning of December to discuss other issues related to changing the F1 chassis and engines. They will try to reach unanimous agreement on a whole list of measures which are designed to cut costs without changing the look of the cars.

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