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OCTOBER 18, 2002

Williams calls for caution

Sir Frank Williams had a discreet press briefing on Friday at the Williams factory at Grove and explained the team's views about a number of issues in the run-up to the forthcoming Formula 1 Commission meeting. Williams said that he hoped that sense would prevail and that the future of the sport would remain the focus for all concerned and added that he believes that the way forward is for Ferrari's rival teams to do a better job than they have been doing and thus kick-start interest in the sport without needing to tamper with the regulations.

Williams did say that in principle he and his parner Patrick Head are opposed to the idea of weight penalties in F1, despite some reports that the team is in favour of the handicapping system. Our understanding is that if such a move is deemed to be absolutely necessary for the future of the sport, he would consider voting for it but at the moment he is not convinced that it is what is needed.

Williams has maintained a low-profile in the current politicking over the rule changes, having chosen not to attend the Japanese Grand Prix in order to concentrate efforts on ensuring that the technical package next year will be stronger than the 2002 car.