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OCTOBER 11, 2002

Something is missing from the picture

The lack of movement on the F1 driver market in recent weeks has been rather strange. Cristiano da Matta is expected to be at Toyota next year but has yet to be confirmed. Mark Webber is expected to join Jaguar but the move has not been confirmed. It seems that everyone is waiting for something - but no-one can explain what it is.

This has led to speculation that the silly season has a sting in its tail and that other pieces of the puzzle must fall into place before the deals which are on the cards can be announced. The speculation as to what this might be has been intense in recent days. There are questions as to whether Jacques Villeneuve's future is really settled or whether he might suddenly pop up with another team, throwing the market into disarray. There is talk also that nothing will move until there has been a management shake-up in one of the teams - the suggestion we have heard is that this will be Jaguar Racing. There has even been a rather unlikely rumor suggesting that Eddie Irvine is going to turn up as a second test driver at McLaren. This sounds more like a negotiating ploy in Irvine's talks with Jordan Grand Prix than an actual deal but these days one can never be quite sure.

What seems to be clear is that we are in for a surprise of one form or another.