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OCTOBER 9, 2002

Mosley reveals driver swapping plan

FIA president Max Mosley has revealed more about the letter recently written to the team bosses, which discusses possible rule changes aimed at making F1 more exciting. The possibility of weight penalties for faster teams was revealed earlier in the week, but speaking in Bahrain Wednesday, Mosley revealed that another possibility to be discussed at the next F1 Commission meeting is drivers swapping teams and cars throughout the season.

Mosley told the DAILY TELEGRAPH "There is a large number of very radical proposals that have been circulated to the teams for discussion. Some of these are very speculative ideas and we have to talk to the teams about them, but we mustn't sit there and not talk about things."

"There is an argument for each driver driving each car once," added Mosley. "This has an advantage because then we would see who are the best drivers and teams and if there are means to make it more interesting for the public then we have to talk about them."