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Juan Pablo Montoya, United States GP 2002

Juan Pablo Montoya, United States GP 2002 

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The Discovery Channel is to broadcast a three-part series called The Secret Life of Formula 1, a behind-the-scenes documentary featuring the WilliamsF1 team. The program marks the first time that a television crew has gained such extensive access to a leading British Formula 1 team and reveals the real issues facing one of Britain's foremost industries.

The three programs will be broadcast in Britain on October 6, 13 and 20 at 8pm. The first, called The Front Line, concentrates of the development of the sport and charts the history of Williams and explains how Bernie Ecclestone achieved the position in which he now finds himself. The second - called The Limit - looks at the technology of the sport and the problems with the current regulations being too restrictive. The third program - entitled Command and Control - takes a close look at how one technology - pit to driver communication - has developed and charts the rise and the effects of telemetry.

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