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OCTOBER 2, 2002

George happy with US finish

Tony George, the man who owns the Indianapolis Motor Speedway says he has no complaints about what happened at the end of the United States Grand Prix on Sunday. George told THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR that it was actually a positive thing because "people are certainly talking about the event."

The newspaper reported that this year's crowd was around 130,000 people, a decrease on previous years. The average ticket price was $85 and that means that the event generated just over $11m in ticket revenues. That is down on previous years but still means that Indianapolis Motor Speedway made a profit, although it was not as big as had been hoped for.

"On balance it's a little below our expectations," George said. "But that's where (interest) is at the moment and we have to build from there."

Indianapolis will try to increase its revenues this year by renegotiating the title sponsorship of the race. The event has been supported by German software company SAP for the last three years but that contract is now over and George is looking for a new backer.