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OCTOBER 1, 2002

Jaguar Racing disagrees with Ford

Jaguar Racing's spokesman Nav Sidhu says that Helio Castroneves is not in the frame at Jaguar Racing and never has been. This contradicts well-placed sources in Detroit who are indicating that there is a push from the Ford Motor Company top management to get Castroneves into one of the cars in order to boost Jaguar sales in North America.

Contact has been made between the Ford Motor Company and Castroneves's current employer Roger Penske on the subject but obviously there is resistance to the idea at Jaguar as the team does not want to hire someone with no major European racing experience.

Sidhu has, however, confirmed that Antonio Pizzonia is now in the frame and that will set the alarm bells going for Pedro de la Rosa as it is anticipated that Mark Webber will join Jaguar.

It seems from the outside that one part of Ford is not clear what another is doing, which appears to be a repeat of the situation which occurred recently over the supply for Ford Cosworth engines to Jordan. The issue of engine supply has caused considerable friction between the two teams.