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SEPTEMBER 30, 2002

Response to Ferrari finish muted

Fears in F1 circles that the switch of position at the end of the United States GP at Indianapolis might have an effect on the popularity of the sport in the United States of America appear to have been alarmist. The influential INDIANAPOLIS STAR newspaper reported that it looked as though Michael Schumacher had "misjudged the finish line" and allowed Rubens Barrichello to win the race by accident.

Schumacher himself seemed rather confused as to his motives after the event, saying initially that he had been trying for a dead-heat but later changing his story and saying that it was a payback for Austria, where Barrichello was ordered out of the way to allow Michael to win.

"I'm sure that everyone will not agree with what has happened today," Michael said, "but unfortunately you can't always have everybody agree with what you do. I think Rubens deserves it. We are such a good team and we understand each other very well."

After the race there were accusations that the event had been manipulated but these appear to have died a death overnight - which is great news for F1...