Michael and the stock car

Michael Schumacher, Hungarian GP 2002

Michael Schumacher, Hungarian GP 2002 

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The best story of the Indianapolis weekend so far has been the report in the Indianapolis Star that during the summer Michael Schumacher visited the Texas Motor Speedway incognito and while he was there decided that it would be fun to do a few laps of the track in a slightly souped-up stock car. These were being offered to the general public at a modest fee and Michael thought it would be good idea to give it a go. He joined the queue or eager fans waiting for their chance to drive around Texas, unrecognized by those around him.

The wait turned out to be rather a long one and after a while Michael decided that he did not really have the time to be waiting any longer and gave up the idea and went off to enjoy his holiday from F1 doing other things.

A number of Texans are reportedly now banging their heads against walls for having missed the promotional opportunity of the year...

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