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SEPTEMBER 27, 2002

NASCAR comes to F1 for technology

NASCAR team owner Ray Evernham showed up at Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Friday to have a look at the Formula 1 cars. Evernham runs the factory Dodge team in the Winston Cup.

"We're here to meet with some people from McLaren Mercedes to see if we can open up a communication line to share some technology between our Formula 1 team and our Winston Cup team, through DaimlerChrysler," he said. "I'm very interested in the technology. It's exciting for me because I have never had an opportunity to see how Formula 1 works and I probably shouldn't say this but I'm a big Michael Schumacher fan."

Evernham said he planned to invite some of the F1 team to see NASCAR at some point.

"As we start to exchange information," he said, "there are things they can learn from us. We run 38 weekends a year so I think some the things we do for time-efficiency might be able to help them."