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SEPTEMBER 27, 2002

Bernie stays in Europe

Bernie Ecclestone has not visited very many fly-away races in recent years to avoid the stresses and strains of intercontinental travel but it was planned for the F1 boss to be at Indianapolis this weekend. Mr E has however called off at the last minute, citing urgent business problems.

Ecclestone is certainly busy, trying to negotiate a settlement between the various parties involved in the future of Formula 1. It had been thought that things were moving on well but the announcement by the GPWC, after several months of inactivity, that everything is in order and going to plan has reopened issues which were thought to be closed.

It is worth noting that there were stories at Indianapolis that Ferrari decided to send its equipment to the United States using its own transport rather than relying as usual on Formula One's freight planes. This is an interesting development and a sign that there is friction between Ferrari and FOM.