Changes at Honda?

Jacques Villeneuve, Italian GP 2002

Jacques Villeneuve, Italian GP 2002 

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We hear from Japan that there will soon be a shake-up in the management of the Formula 1 program. Honda has not been very successful since officially returning to F1 in 2000 with British American Racing. The company later added Jordan to its roster but has since decided that it is wiser to concentrate on just one team.

Honda was the major force in the Formula 1 throughout the late 1980s and into the 1990s but the more recent efforts have seemed to lack the engineering drive and direction of the old programs and have failed to produce the results expected. In part this has been because of internal politics between different Honda factions but the arrival of Toyota appears to have focussed the Honda men and we expect to hear an announcement shortly - probably just before the Japanese Grand Prix.

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