Pizzonia to test for Jaguar Racing

Jaguar Racing will test F3000 driver Antonio Pizzonia this week as part of their driver assessment program. As Pedro de la Rosa is under contract for next year, it is safe to assume that the test for Pizzonia is because the team would like to see him as a replacement for Irvine, who is bound by all accounts for the Jordan team.

Jaguar Racing is close to doing a deal with Minardi's Mark Webber and it is not entirely clear where the Pizzonia test will lead. Obviously it is serious as otherwise Pizzonia would not be bothering. He has a testing deal on the table from Williams and is happy to take it unless a better option comes along. Williams has said that it will not stand in Pizzonia's way if he wants to do a long-term deal elsewhere.

The driver market for 2003 is current stuck until we know what is going to happen at Toyota. The suggestion is that Webber is waiting to see whether Cristiano da Matta signs for Toyota before committing himself to Jaguar.

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